Visual Effects Test

Personal Project

This teletransportation scene is a personal project. I created it as an excuse to R&D my own workflow.

I wanted to develop a solid workflow between software packages and secondarily test Houdini particles. A workflow between, Maya, PFTrack, Nuke, Houdini and Substance was successfully created by following strict name conventions and folder organization.

Actor — Didac Infante

Production Crew — Alex Nindl, Nuria Oliu

Main steps on how the project was created

One of the key tasks needed was to create a full clean plate. The scene had shadows all over the walls and floor that had to be removed as well as the actor in scene to make him disintegrate succesfully. I choose a frame to paint and remove what was needed, and then projected this image into a 3D replica of the scene.



Since the camera is moving freely a 3D tracking was needed to project the clean plate and to matchmove all CG objects to the plate. I used PFtrack to track the camera and to model the dummy scene for projection. A platform for the teletransportation was modeled using Maya and painted with Substance Painter, and finally imported back to Maya to be rendered using Arnold.




The portal was created using a Pyro solver in Houdini. The disintegration of the actor was done first creating a 3D alembic of the actor. Then I used this animated geometry as an emitter that activated when the geometry passed through a bounding box that represented the boundary of the teletransportation portal.




The final step to integrate all elements is compositing. To integrate the elements I used the same animated model of the actor to render shadows and reflections over the CG platform and floor projection. A full rotostoping was needed to add light reflection of the portal to the actor and to composite the actor back into the plate. The 3D projection described earlier was done inside Nuke.

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