Scaling cheat sheet between software

Setting up a correct unit scale in your 3D scene is essential, any survey data from set (tracking solves, MOCO, MOCAP, LIDAR,  EncodaCam) would not match, previs would be screwed, and on top of that simulations will be inaccurate.

Let’s assume you already set up the correct scaling, as long as you stay in the same software package you will be all good, the problem will arise when your pipeline makes you send the scene to a different software. Unfortunately not all software use the same scaling unit, and you have to be aware of it to make the conversions.


Scaling Cheat Sheet:

From Maya to Houdini —-> scene * 0.01

From Houdini to Maya —-> scene * 100

From Maya to Softimage —->  scene * 0.1

From Softimage to Maya —-> scene * 10


I will keep adding more scaling conversions to the post…


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